Saturday, July 17, 2010


After getting the figs from my local farmers market for free, I discovered why they were free. I rinsed off and ate one and it tasted odd. Im not sure what kind of figs they were but they didnt taste so good, even though they were fresh, they were sweet but not like I was expecting. It was a weird sweet flavor. I tried making cooking them, sliced them up, melted some butter in a pan and toss them in, added a bit of sugar, a bit of nutmeg and a splash of vanilla. I placed the cooked figs into little crunchy puffed pastry cups and ate one. Did not like them. A failed attempt at making something yummy I was craving for a long time. There are several types of figs, I guess IO just came accros a kind of figs that werent good or tasty. Ill skip nutmeg and butter next time I cook or make something with figs...Im still going to search for the figs that I tasted as a little girl.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Coming soon

Photo from the website

Figs!!! beautiful delicious figs!
I'm waiting for the local farmers market to have them available. I keep stalking them lol, they are probably tired of me calling them weekly. I'm waiting patiently to cook delicious figs.
The first time I ever ate fresh figs was when I lived in New york city, my uncle grew some in the backyard. I was 12, the figs were so tasty, fell in love with them right away! I love Fig Newtons cookies but its not the same flavor. I really want the fresh figs.

Can't wait to post the delicious dish I will make with the figs, share them with my family and hope they like them as much as me and post my very own photos.