Thursday, August 19, 2010

Soup...with Enoki mushrooms and vietnamese noodles

Went to a local asian food market and loved all the diferent foods they had available, decided to make a soup with Enoki Mushrooms and vietnamese noodles, Ive never tasted them. I was craving a soup so I made a tasty light soup. It was only a hit with me, my family didnt like it, I got some picky eaters lol!
The mushrooms didn't really taste like anything to me and the noodles were ok, very slippery and gelly like. I purchased some pickled plums, havent tasted them yet wiull post what Im going to do with them soon. I want to go back to the store too, very attracted by all the variety and fresh seafood available. I also saw that funky fruit Dorian that supposedly smells like feet and onions, will try to snif it next time, I got too scared to do it this time around lol.

Here is the recipe...

A diferent dish for anyones palate. For my veggie friends you can skip the beef :), it is very tasty without it. If you like Vietnamese noodles great( they are kinda gelly like and turn a bit transparent, if you prefer, use Lo mein noodles. This dish wasn't a hit but I liked it. Very diferent from what I usually cook :)

2 cups of beef strips chopped(marinate w soy sauce and garlic as much or as little as you like)marinate overnite.

2 cans of chicken broth

1 cup of green onions chopped

3 large garlic cloves minced

1 pckg of Vietnamese noodles, or lo mein noodles better

1 pinch or two of ginger or a little bit of freshly minced ginger

1 tsp sesame oil

1 or 2 cups of water (if too salty for your taste lol)

1 pckg of Enoki mushrooms ( cut the bottom of the stalk and rinse clean)

Bring the chicken broth to a medium simmering boil, add the beef strips, cook for about 8 minutes. Then add the noodles, sesame oil, wait about 11 more minutes. Add the green onions, garlic and mushrooms last. For more intense fresh onion garlic flavor and the green onions stay nice and green add these last. Serve hot.