Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Arroz Caldo

  I was sick and wanted to eat this delicious stew and I heard a fellow vlogger mention it on YouTube ItsJudyTime, her husband made her some when she was feeling sick.

  The weather has been cloudy and cold this Fall so this was a perfect dish to make.  Made me feel all warm and cozy.

  This is a Filipino dish and it resembles a risotto.  Its a rice porridge, in other Asian countries is called Congee.  I love foreign recipes and I always like trying them out in my kitchen.

  This version is quick and a little bit lazy because I used already chopped ingredients, I was sick and went ahead and made it the quickest way possible with precut ingredients.

  I enjoyed it, my kids not so much because I sort of ran out of salt and I didn't want to put anymore fish sauce ( I have a love/hate relationship with that stinky stuff) heh heh heh.

  It reminds me of my moms chicken soup she used to make me when I had a cold.  Soupy with chunks of potatoes and over cooked rice :) 
  This stew is pretty much the same but very thick, slightly, very over cooked rice but in a good way.

  Here are my ingredients.  I pretty much winged it my way.

Sautéed in a large pot:

1 cup Chopped onions  
1 Tblsp chopped Ginger
1 1/2 tsp garlic
1 Tblso olive oil 
Skinless chicken (enough for 6 servings)

Then add

1 box 48oz Swanson Chicken Broth (not low sodium)
2 cups uncooked white rice

1 Tblsp of Fish Sauce

1 tsp of Saffron (added some for color and garnish and because I felt like it)

Cook on medium simmer until it thickens

Serve hot, sprinkle black pepper, garnish with green onions, fried garlic and a soiced hard boiled egg.

  Add more fish sauce to make it more salty if you like, and a splash of lemon for some tang.




Friday, October 4, 2013

Indian Food!

  So I went to a local festival, The International Folk Festival in Fayetteville North Carolina and Its food heaven!  I mean food everywhere, the scent of BBQ, Korean, Japanese, Puertorican, Thailand, Philippines,  Afrika, Indian, there was delicious food everywhere!
  I'm fascinated by  foods from  diferent cultures.  This day I decided to try Indian food, why because I'm captivated by the spices they use and their recipes.
  I tried Papadums(Papads), Samosas, Chicken Curry, Spicy Cilantro Sauce(super spicy garlicky with vinegar but oh my goodness delicious!!!!) Cucumber Yogurt dip.  I loved it all.  
  I specially loved the dessert, Gulab Jamun, warm sweet lil cakey buttery round balls(get yo mind out da gutta) in the most intense syrup I've ever tasted!

  I'm going to try making the dish in a lighter version as soon as I get a hold of rose water.  This dish is amazing to me.  

That is what the syrup has, rose water, it sounds so beautiful to me and loads of sugar! But what's even yummier are the little cake balls.

  Ill post the recipe on my Facebook dessert page when I get a chance.

  I'm just going to leave you here with some pictures of the dishes I tried at the festival.


  First pic is Samosa, it's like a savory pastry filled with potatoes, peas and spices.
  The second pic is the Gulab Jamun, sweet sweet dish.