Friday, September 24, 2010

Broccoli Bacon Mac n' cheese

This recipe is a different version of my Creamy Bacon Mac N Cheese. I make my own creamy cheese sauce. My kids love macaroni and cheese and usually when I make it's for the kids. This one is more has more "grown" up flavor in it, chopped red onions, chopped parsley and healthy veggies like broccoli. This is tasty for kids as well as for adults, smuthered in a creamy cheese sauce and lets not forget the yummy bacon. My familys favorite dish, upgraded! I hope you all enjoy.

8 ounces Cream cheese
8 ounces Heavy Cream
8 ounces Sour Cream
1 stick of Sweet Cream Butter
8 ounces Velveeta Cheese cubed
2 Packages of Oscar Mayer Bacon Bits
2 tbsp.Freshly Chopped Parsley
1 cup Red Onion chopped
2 cups Shredded Sharp Cheddar
2 1/2 cups Broccoli Florets(Birds Eye), thawed(do not cook)
1 cup 2% Milk
1 16 oz box Jumbo Elbow Macaroni

Cook the Macaronis according to the package instructions, drain set aside.
To make the cheese sauce/bechamel sauce: In a sauce pan, on low simmer the milk, then add the stick of butter, stir until it melts.
Add the heavy cream, sour cream, stir.
Cut in cubes the Velveeta and the Cream Cheese and add it to the simmering milk, continue to stir until the cheeses melt and combine.
Let the cheese sauce simmer on low heat.
Chop the red onions, add the onions to the macaronis, sprinkle the parsley, the bacon bits and mix the macaronis.
Place the macaronis in a baking pan, pour in the cheese sauce all over the macaronis, do not mix.
Top with shredded cheese and more bacon bits.
Bake at 350 for 15 minutes until the shredded cheese melts.

Serve and enjoy!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hollandaise sauce

Eggs Benedict with homemade Creamy Hollandaise sauce...

I love eggs and the many dishes, and delicious recipes you can whip up. In this recipe I made my own homemade Hollandaise sauce. I have tasted the one from a packet and after this I will never use packet hollandaise mix. I added white wine when I poached the eggs and added a reduced white wine and a little softened cream cheese to make it an even tastier sauce. It was a little difficult, eggs can be tricky but I learned how to make my own fresh and creamy homemade hollandaise sauce.

•4 ounce(s) of Softened Cream Cheese
•4 ounce(s) of Melted Sweet Cream butter
•1 tsp. of Salt for poaching the eggs
•1 tsp. of Black Pepper
•1 splash of lemon juice
•1 Pinch of Cayenne pepper
•1/2 cup(s) of milk
•4 egg yolks
•2 eggs
•1 ounce(s) of Cooking White Wine
•1 ounce(s) of White vinegar
•1 A few slices of Smoked Sausage
•1 English Muffin
Bring the water to a low simmer, test the temperature, about 160 to 180 degrees,it should be boiling, add the vinegar, salt and the cooking white wine.
To Poach and egg do these steps. The fresher the eggs, the better they poach.Crack an egg into a small bowl.
Bring the water to a temperature of about 160 degrees. Spin the boiling water to cool down the water before you drop in the egg.
Carefully lower or drop the egg into the center of the water.
Make sure the egg is not drop in boiling water.
Wait 3-4 minutes until egg is cooked and it kind of floats.
Remove with a slotted spoon. Work quickly to transfer each egg onto the plate, letting excess water drip back into the saucepan. Set aside.
To make part of the Hollandaise sauce, reduce some white wine vinegar in a pan with a tsp of black pepper, almost until its evaporated.
Take the reduced white wine vinegar and add a ounce of water.You will add this to the yolks. To make the Hollandaise sauce, whisk the egg yolks in a metal bowl, until the mixure is thickened. Place the bowl over a saucepan with simmering water.
Whisk rapidly. Be careful not to let the eggs get too hot or they will scramble.
Slowly drizzle in the melted sweet cream butter and continue to whisk until the sauce is thickened.
On a separate pot simmer 1/2 cup of milk, add the softened cream cheese and whisk until the cream cheese dissolves.
Slowly add the thickened egg mixture into the simmering milk. Continue to whisk, add a splash of lemon juice, sprinkle some cayenne pepper and add salt to taste.
On a hot pan fry a few slices of smoked sausage. toast an English Muffin.
Place a few slices of smoked sausage on a slice of english muffin, add the poached eggs on top, pour some of the hollandaise sauce, sprinkle Cayenne pepper and top it with the other half of the english muffin.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chinese Dumplings

No I don't know how to make these dumplings but they are so tasty, filled with vegetable goodness,so full of flavor!
I just want to share how I got them and the sauce that I accidentally made for them.
I steamed them and in another pot, I had chicken broth and was boiling chinese noodles. I didn't put enough broth and a thick sauce formed( my noodles were a lil messy but edible, made a soup with it even though the noodles were overcooked)anyways, I ended up scooping the thick sauce and dunking the already store bought dumplings in it. It was quite tasty. I had some soy sauce also and by dunking the dumplings on the soy sauce and the accidental thick chicken broth, the combination was delicious. Accidents in my kitchen are ok :) I always find a way to improvise and somehow fix what I make.

Oh yea! I got the dumplings at my local Asian foods market, my favorite store for strange new foods, loving it!

Fresh pasta/pizza sauce with my favorite herbs, Thyme and Basil

I wanted to make my own sauce for pizza and pasta. Looked up some recipes on the net and decided to make my own with my latest favorite herbs, Thyme and Basil. I came across recipes calling for Oregano in the sauces, but I rather use Thyme. Ive been a little obsessed with fresh herbs lately and my personal favorites are Basil and Thyme. I admit to be a little crazy over garlic too ha ha ha!if you are not a fan of garlic you can omit it, but it is so tasty! Here is my sauce I hope you like :)


1 can of Tomato paste

Fresh Tomatoes about 10, those little ones on the vine Campari(you can use canned crushed tomatoes)I think fresh is best.

Fresh Basil 4 large leaves

Fresh Thyme 4 sprigs(detach the little leaves)

3 Large Garlic cloves

A splash of white vinegar, a lil' cap

1 Tablspoon Olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

A dash of sugar

Place all the ingredients in a blender, chop until smooth or leave some chunks if you like it a little rustic. 

 Forgot to post that  you have to cook the sauce! lol so here is the rest of the recipe.

Combine the olive oil, salt, and garlic in a saucepan. Stir on medium heat, saute for a little. Stir in the blended tomatoes and heat to a gentle simmer. Add a dash of sugar(my mother told me that cuts down on the acidity).  Remove from heat and taste...Salt to taste, to give it a little kick sprinkle red pepper flakes.

Pour over fresh pasta or on your own pizza dough or store bought. Pour some on a slice of Italian bread, sprinkle Parmesan or shredded Mozarella and bake until cheese is bubbly and bread is toasty.