Thursday, March 16, 2017

Random yummy food

A few months ago I began to play around with my Dslr and captured some food.

  Just posting these now cuz I can :)


  This was very random I don't even have a specific recipe for it. Just made it from the top of my head and from some bulgogui recipes I've read in the past. I'm very intrigued by Asian dishes. Love trying new recipes and flavors.
   I purchased a Korean sauce and just went on from there. The beef was marinated and stir fried, then I added the sauce. When I get a chance I'll update this post with all the info, for this particular recipe I made. It is very tasty and if you like sweet spicy hit stuff, yes! you'll love this!!!

*Update on the sauces I used, Bibigo Gochujang Hot and Sweet Sauce and Hot Fong Thai Hot Chili Garlic Sauce. I used both in the marinade.  The Gochujang sauce I drizzled over the beef once it was served.


Arroz blanco con cornbeef, sweet fried plantains

Conbif ha ha ha ha, that's how I used to pronounce it when I was little

  This is Puerto Rican comfort food or comida de pobre(poor people's food) like my mom used to say. I make it once in a while because I'm mind boggled at the corn beef price for just one, can is almost $5! This is one of my most favorite dishes that my mom used to make. I remember as a little girl not having good appetite for food but this, I would eat a bunch of servings. The combination of sweet platanos and the salty cornbeef makes my palate super happy!


Gone too long but I'm back! With a Cheesecake recipe cuz I love cheesecake!

Hi y'all been gone awhile but I'm back. I think I've moved twice since my last blog post?
Anyways lots has happened and I had lost the will to blog and take photos of food on the regular and even cooking has become an annoying chore.  Feeling unappreciated and deppressed, I've been struggling a lot with depression and anxiety and a difficult marriage.

  I'm ready for a new start.  I've been getting more into pushing myself to take at least a few photos worthy of posting.

  I havn't gotten into concocting my own recipe combinations but have been mesmerized with random recipes I come across. Once in a while I make them when I can and capture what I think are worthy of sharing.  Most photos straight out of camera and some edited with Photoshop or other phone photography editing apps.

Here's one of my latest food photography photos. I was really inspired by the plate and the color and some gooseberries that I've never tried, I was curious about their flavor. They are yummy!! Tart and sour.  Unexpected flavor in my opinion.
  I looked for an easy cheesecake recipe and found one super easy one that does not crack nor needs a sitz waterbath. I like skipping extra steps a lot lately.  I know, it's such a bad habit I've adapted. I really like things done and done! Hmm.  If it were that easy when it come to certain things and issues happening in my life.

This cheesecake, not sure why but the first one I made was too soft. It was very smooth creamy.  I used small eggs and not enough. I brought it to a church event and it was gone in less than 5 minutes!! So it must've been good!

On the second try I as supposed to use he required size eggs, Large but instead I used 3 small eggs. Added extra (cuz im so extra) zest in the mix just cause.  Used a store brand graham cracker crust (Harris Teeter is yummy!)
  The edges were firm and creamy and the middle smooth, slightly firm, creamy, velvety soft!! It was cooked all the way! I followed the temperature advised on the recipe. Not sure if messed it up but again but, we All ate it anyway. I really liked it. I love cheesecake with a passion.

I'll share the website where I got the cheesecake recipe

  Anyways here are some photos


 I will muster strength and positivity to post more often, just bare with me ♡ 

Thank you!!!