Friday, July 27, 2012

Korean Food

I was watching a movie Le Gand Chef 2: Kimchi battle and it made me want to try Korean food, specially Kimchi.
I went to a local restaurant in Fayetteville North Carolina called Shila and ordered Bibimbop, Bulkogi and Kimchi with pork.
I enjoyed the beef a lot, some spicy, some slightly sweet and also detected lots of sesame seed oil, smell and taste it.
The Kimchi was good, great texture and spiciness. It's an aquired taste. Sadly I didn't really get too fond of it.
I want to make my own Kimchi with cucumbers one day. Maybe giving it my own flare I'll start liking it.
The movie I watched made Kimchi seemed so delicious I just had to try it. But I wasn't impressed with the flavor.
Anyways here are some pics of the food I got from the restaurant. I really liked the beef and will visit in the near future.