Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chinese Dumplings

No I don't know how to make these dumplings but they are so tasty, filled with vegetable goodness,so full of flavor!
I just want to share how I got them and the sauce that I accidentally made for them.
I steamed them and in another pot, I had chicken broth and was boiling chinese noodles. I didn't put enough broth and a thick sauce formed( my noodles were a lil messy but edible, made a soup with it even though the noodles were overcooked)anyways, I ended up scooping the thick sauce and dunking the already store bought dumplings in it. It was quite tasty. I had some soy sauce also and by dunking the dumplings on the soy sauce and the accidental thick chicken broth, the combination was delicious. Accidents in my kitchen are ok :) I always find a way to improvise and somehow fix what I make.

Oh yea! I got the dumplings at my local Asian foods market, my favorite store for strange new foods, loving it!

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