Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fresh pasta/pizza sauce with my favorite herbs, Thyme and Basil

I wanted to make my own sauce for pizza and pasta. Looked up some recipes on the net and decided to make my own with my latest favorite herbs, Thyme and Basil. I came across recipes calling for Oregano in the sauces, but I rather use Thyme. Ive been a little obsessed with fresh herbs lately and my personal favorites are Basil and Thyme. I admit to be a little crazy over garlic too ha ha ha!if you are not a fan of garlic you can omit it, but it is so tasty! Here is my sauce I hope you like :)


1 can of Tomato paste

Fresh Tomatoes about 10, those little ones on the vine Campari(you can use canned crushed tomatoes)I think fresh is best.

Fresh Basil 4 large leaves

Fresh Thyme 4 sprigs(detach the little leaves)

3 Large Garlic cloves

A splash of white vinegar, a lil' cap

1 Tablspoon Olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

A dash of sugar

Place all the ingredients in a blender, chop until smooth or leave some chunks if you like it a little rustic. 

 Forgot to post that  you have to cook the sauce! lol so here is the rest of the recipe.

Combine the olive oil, salt, and garlic in a saucepan. Stir on medium heat, saute for a little. Stir in the blended tomatoes and heat to a gentle simmer. Add a dash of sugar(my mother told me that cuts down on the acidity).  Remove from heat and taste...Salt to taste, to give it a little kick sprinkle red pepper flakes.

Pour over fresh pasta or on your own pizza dough or store bought. Pour some on a slice of Italian bread, sprinkle Parmesan or shredded Mozarella and bake until cheese is bubbly and bread is toasty.


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