Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Watercress, my archnemesis?

When I was a little girl in Puerto Rico, I remember my aunt eating a salad and it had Watercress(Berro)in spanish. The salad looked preety good but I did'nt get to taste it, my aunt loved it though. I went to the local spanish market last week and bought a bunch, I usually try before I buy if it's a food I have never tasted before, not this time, bad idea. I took it home and then took a few leaves rinsed them and ate some, nice soft then texture leaves, then it hit me, they are bitter and I do not like bitter foods.
I researched on recipes and came accross potato and watercress soup. I was going to make it but was so put off by the taste of it decided not to make the soup. The watercress still in my fridge I don't know what to do with it lol!!Im hoping to cook the bitterness out of it.
I'll post a photo if I make something with it, hopefully it will be tasty and the bitter taste isn't so bitter. Im very bitter about this.....


  1. en casa mi papa, lo preparaba con tomates, aceite y vinagre.. haz probado la arugula? a mi se me parece un poco el sabor a el berro...

  2. No la he probado, pero si amarga no me gusta, huacala. Voy a tratar de hacer algo, compre un bonche de berro y no se que hacer ja ja ja. Creo que la tiro, ya esta un poco marchita.