Monday, December 3, 2012

Oyster sauce in a delicious recipe

I love Chinese food and I always try to make it in my kitchen failing every time.
I can't quite get that delicious flavor, I don't have a seasoned Wok and I just can't cook sometimes ha ha ha.
Well watching tv, I saw a recipe from Ming Tsai. One of his one pot cooking recipes. It looked so good, it ignited my passion for cooking something yummy in my kitchen.
Spicy Chicken with cashew nuts. The ingredients were roasted cashews, honey and Oyster Sauce. I've never cooked with that sauce so I gave it a try. Followed all the steps from Ming Tsai's video that he has posted on his website, and my goodness, when the dish was done, it was the best Asian dish I've ever made in my kitchen! The flavor I've been wanting to make so badly!
I'm a huge fan of Oyster Sauce now and the yummy honey roasted cashews with cayenne pepper, that alone are a super delicious snack!
The recipe is awesome get it here at Ming's website


P.S. I love cooking and tasting new foods, this recipe I enjoyed lots!

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