Thursday, March 20, 2014

Random leftovers

  Attempted to make "Bacalao guisado". Stewed codfish.  It has sautéed in olive oil, eggplants, onions and tomatoes, tomato sauce black pepper and salt to taste.
  I used Tilapia fish to shorten the steps of the recipe.  If you use bacalao(codfish) you have to soak it and redial it and rinse it, to get rid of the salt in the fish.
  Just too many steps for me, so that's why I used Tilapia fish.
  Hubby's dinner, brown rice, some fried pork, a salad and a few avocados slices.

  I used to eat bacalao guisado with guanimos(they're like gnocchi).  I was trying to make the bacalao like my grandma Ana used to make it.

  How do you make your Bacalao Guisado??


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