Thursday, April 17, 2014


Ramen! Let's go to Japan with this dish...or Vietnam?

    So I was watching The Ramen Girl starring Brittany Murphy R.I.P and loved the movie so much because of course it had food in it!  Ramen! Must see movie, I loved everything about it, funny part that made me laugh a lot was when she uncovered a pot of broth and it had a giant pig head boiling!  Another scene in the movie I loved was when she began to eat the noodles and began to laugh as if the Ramen made her happy, and in another scene she made Ramen but the customers began to cry!  Loved the scenes, go check out the movie to see what I'm talkin' 'bout!

  I Googled Ramen recipes and came across one that caught my interest.  I didn't have all the ingredients like Sake or  Bonito flakes(I had some but couldn't find them, they're fish flakes, salty!) Kombu Dashi(I have no idea what it is I'll find out soon)
  I gathered and purchased most of the ingredients and began making this intriguing dish.

  I began by searing pork shoulder that was seasoned already with salt and pepper and other seasonings and tied with twine.  Tie it up nice and tight so when it's cooked and you slice it, the slices will be nice and almost round.
  After that I added chicken broth about 2 cups and chopped onion, peppers, julienned carrots, minced garlic, sliced ginger, soy sauce and about one and a half cup more of water.
  I simmered on medium heat it for about an hour and a half.  The actual recipe for Ramen takes two days! I improvised and rushed this version.

  After an hour and a half I turned down the heat and began cooking the noodles according to package instructions and getting the toppings and egg.  Hard boiled the egg and made sure the yolk was not over cooked.  I like my egg yolk slightly runny mmm.

  I removed the pork from the broth, save the broth, and cut pork in slices.  Then pour the broth and add the noodles, fresh spinach, bean sprouts, seaweed, half a hard boiled egg and garnish with sliced radishes and scallions.

  This version I just improvised and put my own twist to it.  Bare with me as I don't put all the required measurements for recipes, I just put my ingredients in.  I know, bad move, but it works for me cuz most of the time, that's how I do :p

  The flavor to the broth to me it tastes like the Vietnamese soup called Pho.  I've tasted it before and I guess the flavor combo of pork and chicken broth made it sort of taste like it.

  A friend of mine said it looked like Pho! :D

  My husband enjoyed this soup a lot!

  Try my winged version and put your own twist to it! Use chicken, oh my gosh! ribs!!! seafood, vegetable broth or beef, possibilities are endless.  I love soups because of that reason, you can combine your favorite.



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