Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Doenjang Stew

I like trying different food. I made this stew. Is adored by Korean men and it's considered comfort food. I was curious of the flavor so I made some. I didn't like it but my daughter loved it.
I'm keeping this short. This was not a hit with me. I might make this a different way and substitute with refried beans but then it won't be the same but I know I will like the flavor.
You start making it with starch water about 2 1/2 (rinse rice and use that water) simmer the water and add 6-7 anchovies and some sea weed/kelp for 5 minutes then remove the anchovies and kelp. My anchovies dissolved(I didn't use dried anchovies). Then stir two tablespoons of soy bean paste add fresh chopped garlic, green onions,zucchini squash, chili powder, and cubed firm tofu.
Simmer for about 20 minutes, I served it with sushi rice. Garnished with enoki mushrooms, green onions and sliced chili pepper.

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