Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My adventurous appetite

I was sick all week and St. Patrick's day weekend. I wanted to cook something that had a bit of Irish in it. Guinness beer was sold out at my local supermarket so I used Malta instead. I will though make it with the actual beer in the future.
I didn't have to struggle to adjust any bitterness from a stout beer, since the Malta was sweet already I only tweaked and adjusted the saltiness of the broth. Just a little it's still came out slightly sweet. I really enjoyed this stew, even though I'm still a little under the weather. My kids enjoyed it too :)

I substituted just some of the ingredients. Not a big change from the original recipe I saw on YouTube(where I see most of the recipes that make me cook).

Maple Bacon 1/2 pack cut into small pieces
2 cups Malta (India or Goya)
2 cups of chicken broth
3lbs Beef cut into cubes
2 cups of carrots
1 large onion diced
Two Tblsp Tomato paste
Salt and pepper to taste

Combine it all in a large pot and stew!!

Ha ha ha just kidding. I got a migraine and do not feel like typing. Just follow the recipe and my crazy rushed steps. Trust me.

Start by frying the bacon. The aroma of the maple bacon its so delicious! Oh my gosh! you can seduce me with it! Remove the bacon the fat and put in a large pot. Render the fat. Put the beef cubes and brown them on the bacon fat. Remove the beef and put in the pot with the bacon. On the same bacon grease put the onions and sweat them until slightly caramelized, then pour the malt.
Stir it around (the onions and bacon fat with the malt) pour it over the beef in the large pot. Add tomato paste, chicken stock, add the thyme and carrots. No need to make a roux, the sauce will thicken on its own! Mmmhmm.
Cook on a low simmer for two hours. Salt and pepper to taste.
Serve hot with mashed potatoes.


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