Friday, October 14, 2011

Healthy Spaghetti

Trying something new, Spaghetti Squash :) it's called spaghetti squash because of its stringy texture inside. You can use this instead of pasta for a healthy diet change or because you want to try something you never have like me :D

Healthy Spaghetti Squash
Ingredients for this tasty dish;
1 large squash cut in half, (you remove seeds and save them, you can toast them in the oven with a little salt, or cinnamon sugar or drizzle honey and eat them as a light snack :D)
Bake at 375 degrees for an hour
Once done, with a fork scrape the inside of the squash, it will look like spaghetti strands.
Drizzle Extra virgin olive oil a little salt and pepper, parsley. The texture is not like spaghetti, its a little crunchy not like al dente pasta, and it tastes like squash. I couldn't make my kids eat this but I'm sure if they were starving they will eat it lol!

I Drizzled with evoo, parsley, a little bit of salt and pepper. Butter is delicious on this also, I tried that Brummel and Brown yogurt butter mmmmm!this is quite yummy with butter.
This was tasty but my kids didn't agree, even if it was smothered in marinara sauce, parmesan and mozarella cheese!!!!but they rather eat real spaghetti pasta. I liked it and this is what I'm going to eat from now on cuz its healthy, in season, affordable if you buy it at a farmers market and it tasted good to me.

You can add this into a salad, lots of possibilities. I really like the texture and eaten cold is also quite delicious, I'm thinking of other yummy recipes to use this!Try this instead of pasta one day

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