Friday, October 14, 2011

Met Mrs. Paula Deen

It was such an honor to meet her, she's the sweetest lady. My daughter and I met Paula Deen y'a'll This was a dream come true. This was at a bookstore in Raleigh, Quail Ridge Books, Paula is promoting her new book Southern Cooking Bible, I love the book it's beautiful and it has some delicious recipes that I'm definitely going to be trying out. You have to get a copy! A lot of people showed up and waiting time was not an issue. She greeted everyone with a smile, signed books, joked and giggled and was just the sweetest lady. I introduced myself to her but I was so nervous. My daughter was nervous and couldnt take a lot of pics. I wanted a photo next to her so after I got my book signed I waited til the crowd got smaller and then got the opportunity to pose next to her and Oh my goodness her eyes! I've never seen such beautiful blue eyes!! Her husband Michael was also there signing books and posing for photos. Such a sweet guy! Lovely day, wonderful people met. A day I won't forget. Lyann, Michael(Paula Deen's husband) and I

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  1. Jo, que gran oportunidad tuviste de conocer a esta gran chef :) me gustan sus recetas! pero su acento casi no lo entiendo :(