Thursday, October 27, 2011

White truffle oil and white truffle honey

{300/365 Stinky stuff}   How do I follow that last post about meeting Paula Deen! nice highlight in my life :)Next time I meet her I would like cooking with her, and enjoying a nice southern meal and just chit chat.. Lemme tell ya about what happened with this two things a few days ago. This is what I get for trying new things, cuz I just love and I'm intrigued with foods I've never tasted. Is not fun most of the time because half of the time is something that I have no business messing with if I don't know where to put it or how to cook with it. I'm not an expert or a clasically trained chef I know! but it didn't hurt to try, just did some dry heaving that is all.(I hate dry heaving). Oh! and the price I paid for this stinky stuff, overpriced in my opinion. I'm not posting the recipes I cook and added this stuff too. They were terrible! but I made a risotto that was too salty and a salad with a vinaigrette with baby spinach and sliced apples so atrocieous(misspelling I know) and disgusting, Im preety sure my kids where wanting to tell me I shouldn't be cooking anything at all in my kitchen. I lost my cooking drive after this for a while. Epic fail lol! I was intrigued about truffles and how they tasted. Im going to be honest and say I dont like truffles. Maybe you gotta have an aquired taste and use a small amout of, but the amount of truffle in the honey and olive oil should be a small amount. Nope, this stuff was very aromatic, I think if I ever(and I won't) smell the real thing, an actual white or black truffle I would pass out and dry heave for weeks. The risotto was too salty, I didn't add white wine I improvised and added a starwberry sparkling wine I was drinking while I was cooking(bad judgment I guess cuz maybe I was tipsy lol) but a bad choice. Then added chicken broth and forgot it was salty already then pile a bunch of Parmesan cheese on it. I sauteed some green onions and added the white truffle olive oil. I didnt like the smell too much but was excited I was finally going to try this fancy food. Well the risotto came out sticky and salty and the truffle flavor wasnt as strong but it was noticeable. I didn't put a lot though but I wont be making that dish again. The vinaigrette for the spinach and apple salad, now that was just nasty. Yes tell me Im an idiot for even mixing this into the vinaigrete, white truffle honey and red wine vinegar! then I tried to "fix" it and added a splash of balsamic vinegar, awful! I know. I was aiming to make honey mustard but since I didnt have mustard, I decided to be a little daring and do that nightmare of flavors. I made my children try this. Bad mommy lol but I tried it too and didnt like it. I recorded their reaction, I felt so bad beucause they dry heaved and ran to the kitchen sink quick! I have it on video, its quite funny though. So go ahead try white truffle oil and white truffle honey, I dare you to make something yummy with it, if you do pass on the recipe so I can try it but to be honest I don't think I will try cooking with these. My sister says to try it again just using a small amount but I don't know. If this had synthetic flavor(most likely)added into it, I would totally hate the real thing too if it taste this way. I didn't like this at all! I don't understand why truffles are sold as such expensive prices, and are supposedly so exquisite and so coveted, I need a super delicious recipe to give this ingredients a chance. To me truffles are just very stinky fungus. I forgot to describe the flavor and the taste of the honey truffle, smells like honey and garlic and the taste well its just horrible I dont know how to describe it. Here is a video clip of my girls tasting a spinach leaf that had some of the vinaigrette. Blood curdling screams and dry heaving consume them even before they tasted it. No I didn't feed this to Tutti or Ernie thats just cruel lol!Well tutti tasted it on her own, she didn't heave just said it tasted good but I know she didnt really enjoy it. Im sorry! lol

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