Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Paella

I love seafood so for this beautiful day I made myself a Paella.
Mishaps in the kitchen happen, oh well. I didn't burn anything lol.
I just kind of overcooked the rice, added too much water, overcooked shrimp and octopus a lil' because they were already to eat but it still tasted delicious. White wine, saffron, tomato sauce, spicy!cayenne pepper, chorizo, sautéed onions, and chicken broth made the flavors in it succulent. I also added crab meat. Mussels so juicy! It tasted like the ocean, so good! Don't forget the sweet peas!
I couldn't add lobster, crab legs, squid and clams though but that would've made this dish super awesome. Made this with nice crunchy Tostones on the side. Hubby also bought crab cakes, I need to learn how to make those! Spicy!
Next time trust me, Ill make this dish with the works!! I love this dish that much, I will make it again until the rice comes out perfect.

My family enjoyed this dish as much as I did. They gave me gifts and let me enjoy my day. I haven't eaten that much in a while.

Happy Mother's Day!

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