Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Must learn how to make Sushi! Must keep eating healthy.

I love Sushi. Not the type with raw fish. I don't like raw fish, eggs uh no. I need to learn how to make sushi rolls and tempura. It's so delicious!! I love the sweetness of the sushi rice and the seaweed wrap and the crunchy cucumber. Let's not forget the seafood. I won't eat raw fish but I love crab meat and shrimp. I've tried caviar eggs once and I liked them but I'm picky with which kind.
I'm going to learn how to make delicious sushi. Made some for the family but I used the wrong type of rice. You have to use Sushi rice. It's stickier and slightly sweet. I'll post pics here when I try to make them again. In the meantime enjoy the yummy treats I got at the commissary. I'm buying healthier foods now but it's so expensive! My daughter wants to be a full vegan now. I'm not giving up my seafood. I was confused at how little I purchased yet I paid so much for it. Almost $100. Pic of the groceries below. Some hummus and vegan foods not a lot for my big family, I have to go back and buy more food and make sure its healthy even though is costly. But compare it to eating unhealthy and the cost of healthcare once you're sick from eating junk food. It's worth it to eat healthy in the long run.
My apologies for the large pics making my page look a little whack. I need to resize the photos.

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